Dan Brown Releases New Robert Langdon Novel

Recycling industry executive Eric Tetler serves as the president of Windfield Alloy, Inc., in Atkinson, New Hampshire. In his free time, Eric Tetler enjoys playing and coaching soccer, cycling, landscaping, and reading. He lists Dan Brown among his favorite authors.

A bestselling author with over 200 million books in print, Dan Brown has written several novels, including the wildly popular The Da Vinci Code. His work is known for intricate plots focused on the themes of science, religion, and art. In addition to The Da Vinci Code, Brown is the author of six other books, including Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol, and Inferno.

In October 2017, Brown released his seventh novel, Origin, which is the author’s fifth book to feature protagonist Robert Langdon. Like the other Langdon novels, Origin takes readers on a wild ride as the professor of symbology and religious iconography works to uncover a mystery. In addition to Brown’s typical themes of history, art, and religion, Origin focuses heavily on the role that technology plays in everyday life.

The release of Origin came approximately a year after a film version of Brown’s previous novel, Inferno, hit theaters. Inferno was Brown’s third novel to be adapted into a movie. The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons were also turned into feature films.