The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry’s After-School Program

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After-School Program

Eric Tetler joined Windfield Alloy in 1994, and he is now president of the Atkinson, New Hampshire-based company. Actively involved in his community, Eric Tetler contributes to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry, which maintains a number of youth programs, including its after-school program.

The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry’s after-school program operates Monday through Thursday from 1 to 7:30 p.m. and on Fridays from 1 to 9 p.m. Students participating in the program can choose to do their homework, play in the gymnasium, or play in the game room.

From 3 to 4:30, the program conducts its “Homework Power Hour,” where participants receive points for completing assignments. They can exchange their homework points for prizes once per month. Students also receive points for competing in tournaments in the game room. The game- time points are accumulated weekly, and at the end of each week, a king and a queen of the games are crowned.

In the program, students can engage in physical fitness through a variety of recreational activities, including matball, kickball, and dodgeball. The after-school program promotes the arts as well, featuring a number of creative arts clubs such as Drama Club, Craft Club, and Fine Arts Club.

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Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry Art Club

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Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry

Eric Tetler graduated from Springfield College with a bachelor of science in sports management in 1992. He has worked for Windfield Alloy in Atkinson, New Hampshire, since 1994. Eric Tetler has donated to the Bowl-a-Thon fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Derry.

The Boys & Girls Club has served the youth of Greater Derry since 1969, and has several programs from which children can learn and grow. One is the Art Club.

The Greater Derry chapter is one of 4,000 Boys & Girls clubs nationwide actively trying to spot young artists. The local group takes part in the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s (BGCA’s) National Fine Arts Exhibit, a competition which encourages children’s creativity, skills, and appreciation of art.

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Derry will enter artwork in four age divisions and 10 separate categories. The best artwork selected at the regional district level will go on to compete at the national level, where 37 winners are chosen. Various events for the next year will then showcase the winning artwork.

The Greater Derry chapter’s Art Club meetings occur on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00 p.m., and space is limited.

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry Promotes Healthy Development

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Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry

A proven leader, Eric Tetler is the CEO and president of Windfield Alloy, Inc., a full-service recycling and refining company based in New Hampshire. Eric Tetler is a committed member of his community, and often spends his time outside of work supporting various organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry.

Dedicated to supporting young people, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry maintains a number of programs across a range of areas like sports, fitness, and recreation. These programs are designed to help children develop healthy lifestyles in a fun and interactive way. Some of the sports offered by the club include karate, wrestling, and intramural flag football. Additionally, the club has a weight room for teenage members.

The club offers a number of other recreational opportunities. These include drop-in activities that bring members together, such as board and card games, as well as special holiday-time events and parties.