The Health Benefits of Bicycle Riding

Bicycle Riding pic

Bicycle Riding

Eric Tetler leads as president of Windfield Alloy, Inc., a New Hampshire firm of that pioneered a one-stop recycling approach that encompasses electronics and metals recycling, as well as the refining of precious metals. Eric Tetler enjoys cycling in his free time.

Cycling is a convenient means of transportation that also offers an excellent workout, even at a moderate pace. It is particularly advantageous to those with arthritis, back pain, and weak joints, as the seat supports the majority of the body weight. Cycling is considered low impact and may even help enhance the health of joints. This is due to strengthening of the muscles surrounding the joints, which in turn provides better support for the knees.

An aerobic activity, cycling is particularly effective in helping people lose weight and reduce the chances of heart disease. The bicycle acts as an extension of the body, which expands balance and proprioception. The latter skill is tied to knowing where the body is in space and can decline if not engaged throughout one’s life.