Merrimack Valley YMCA Offers a Variety of Summer Camps

Merrimack Valley YMCA pic

Merrimack Valley YMCA

In 1994, Eric Tetler started the national recycling company, Windfield Alloy, in Atkinson, New Hampshire. Under his guidance, the company has grown from 6 employees to 55 employees. Outside of work, Eric Tetler is heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors within his community, supporting organizations like the YMCA.

Founded 160 years ago, the YMCA works with neighborhoods to empower residents and help communities grow and thrive. The organization focuses on youth development and social responsibility, to encourage others to give back and support those in the area. Additionally, the YMCAs of New Hampshire offer a variety of camps for youth and families to attend.

The Merrimack Valley YMCA Camps feature two overnight camps for children ages 8 to 16: Camp Lawrence for boys and Camp Nokomis for girls. Both camps are located on Bear Island on Lake Winnipesaukee and host 150 campers and approximately 60 staff members. Families can also participate in the 9-day Bear Island Family Camp, which occurs at Camp Lawrence at the end of the summer. All three camps include sports activities, crafts, and campfires.


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