Landscaping Tips for Beginners




Eric Tetler earned a bachelor of science in sports management at Springfield College. For more than 20 years, Eric Tetler has been involved with Windfield Alloy, where he is now president. Away from work-related duties, he enjoys landscaping.

Beginners can benefit from a few tips that can turn their landscaping venture into a success. To start, make a list of requirements for your landscaping project. Do a rough sketch of your yard and contemplate how you want to arrange your outdoor furniture, garden, and other outdoor scenery.

Before making any final decisions on placements, studying wind and sun patterns is beneficial. You will most likely want your patio set where the sun will shine, but you do not want the area to be overly hot for you and your guests. If you plan to add a fire pit, you will want to ensure you are not putting it where the wind will interrupt your fire.


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