Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid



Eric Tetler serves as the president of the Windfield Alloy, a single-source recycling, refining, and reuse solutions company based in Atkinson, New Hampshire. In his leisure time, Eric Tetler enjoys various outdoor activities, including landscaping.

Landscaping not only adds value and curb appeal to a home, but it’s also a fulfilling way to spend time outdoors time on a regular basis. That said, there are some commons mistakes that novice landscapers tend to make when first starting out. Here are two common errors to avoid.

The first and most costly mistake novice landscapers make is not developing a plan. Take time to learn about the kinds of plants, trees, and other flora you are interested in growing. Some will only last a season or two, while others may last a lifetime. There are many factors to consider, and when starting out it may be worth the investment to consult with a landscape architect if you don’t feel comfortable developing a landscaping plan on your own.

Another common error that beginners make is clumping groups of plants too close together. When first planted, it may look as if that row of shrubs is spaced too far apart, but most plants need room in which to grow and to allow their root systems to take hold. If they aren’t planted far enough apart, they will eventually look overgrown and choked, and overcrowding also promotes unhealthy competition for water among the plans, especially during drought conditions. Overcrowding can also lead to disease among your plants.


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