Dan Brown's Inferno pic

Movie Adaptation of Dan Brown’s Inferno Releasing After Seven Year Gap

Dan Brown's Inferno  pic

Dan Brown’s Inferno
Image: imdb.com

Eric Tetler serves as the president of Windfield Alloys in Atkinson, New Hampshire. When he is not working, Eric Tetler enjoys reading and considers Dan Brown one of his favorite authors. Dan’s third novel-turned-movie, Inferno, is about to come out, seven years after the last Dan Brown movie.

When Dan Brown and director Ron Howard began turning the author’s Robert Langdon thrillers into movies, they had no intention of making a series, Howard told Entertainment Weekly. Their goal was simply to make an exciting, fun, and worthwhile movie. The first in the series, The Da Vinci Code, was released in 2006. Four years later, the pair released the follow-up film Angels & Demons. Now, seven years later, the pair wanted to wait until they felt the film was worthy, instead of rushing it through production.

Part of the delay is because Inferno is actually the fourth novel in the series – the third is called, The Lost Symbol. Ron Howard says that he liked the novel, but when they attempted to adapt it to the screen, it never got off the ground. Instead of forcing it, they decided to move on to the fourth novel instead.

Inferno will hit theaters on October 16th, starring Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, and Omar Sy.


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