Keystone Club Offers Character and Leadership Development for Kids

Keystone Club pic

Keystone Club

President of Windfield Alloy in Atkinson, New Hampshire, Eric Tetler leads the environmental services firm in working towards the continual improvement of pollution prevention and environmental performance. Eric Tetler also supports local nonprofit organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Derry, which offers a variety of character development programs. Character development programs include the Keystone Club, the Boys and Girls Club’s most dynamic initiative.

Keystone Clubs welcome boys and girls aged 14 to 18 and serve as small-group leadership and service clubs that foster character development and encourage participation in the community. Club members elect their own officers and establish activities in six areas that include education and career exploration, social recreation, unity, and leadership development. Additionally, activities incorporate service to the Club and the community as well as teach its young members about free enterprise.

Club members and their advisors who go above and beyond are also eligible for nomination to the committees responsible for organizing national and regional TEENSupreme Keystone Conferences. Attended by thousands of Club members each year, the conference acts as the award ceremony for the TEENSupreme Keystone Club, celebrating the chapters that undertake projects and activities that best promote Keystone Club principles.


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