Selecting the Right Tree for Your Home

Windfield Alloy pic

Windfield Alloy

Eric Tetler is president and CEO of Windfield Alloy, a New Hampshire company that offers a range of recycling solutions and environmental services. In his free time, Eric Tetler enjoys landscaping as a hobby. In landscaping, carefully considered tree choice can add character and charm to a home’s outdoor space.

First, when selecting a tree for his yard, owners should determine the hardiness zone in which their home is located. Since trees grow best when they are planted in the right places, knowing one’s zone can greatly impact the future of the tree.

Second, homeowners need to consider what kind of tree function they want. Is a decorative or floral tree the best choice? Would an evergreen serve their purposes better? Are they looking for a large tree that provides a lot of shade? Narrowing the field of options can be a very helpful process before heading to the nursery to purchase a new tree.

Third, the type of soil found in the yard can impact what kind of tree it will support. For instance, in clay based soil, trees need to be able to withstand the extremes of very dry conditions as well as oversaturated conditions after stormy weather. In contrast, if the soil is usually very moist, a tree that has an extensive root system would be a better choice since it is capable of absorbing a great deal of water.

The amount of sun a tree will receive is another important consideration. Some trees are able to thrive in decreased, filtered light, while others need full sun. Finally, homeowner need to consider how large and how fast they wish their tree to grow.

Armed with the right information, homeowners will be able to choose a tree to accentuate their landscape and increase enjoyment of their outdoor spaces.


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