Film Adaptation of Dan Brown’s Inferno Slated for Fall 2016 Release

Inferno pic


An experienced professional in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing industry, Eric Tetler serves as the president of Windfield Alloy, Inc., headquartered in Atkinson, New Hampshire. In his leisure time, Eric Tetler enjoys reading novels, especially those written by Dan Brown.

Dan Brown has gained widespread success both for his Robert Langdon thriller franchise and for their companion film adaptations, all centered on the fictitious Harvard professor of symbology as protagonist. Perhaps known best for The Da Vinci Code, Brown will have Inferno produced as the third major motion picture based on his writing.

Filming for the movie started in 2015 in Florence, Italy, and will feature later shoots in Istanbul and Venice. Ron Howard has directed the making of Inferno, and he and Sony and Columbia Pictures anticipate releasing the final product in October 2016.

Tom Hanks will star as Professor Langdon, the role he played in the previous Dan Brown films. He will share the screen with his co-star Felicity Jones, who plays Dr. Sienna Brooks. Other notable cast members include Irrfan Khan, Omar Sy, and Ben Foster.


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