New Hampshire Boating Education

A New Hampshire executive, Eric Tetler is the president of Winfield Alloy in Atkinson. In his spare time, Eric Tetler enjoys recreational activities, such as bicycling and boating.

Residents and visitors who plan to engage in boating activities in the state of New Hampshire must acquire a boater education card from the New Hampshire Department of Safety. The card demonstrates a person has completed the boating education course and passed the state online examination as well as the required in-person exam. The requirement applies to those at least 16 years of age who plan to operate a power boat of 25 horsepower or greater.

A free course and online exam can be accessed at The website provides lessons on six topics titled, Before Getting Underway, Getting Out on the Water, Navigation and Safe Operation, New Hampshire’s Legal Requirements of Boating, Boating Emergencies, and Enjoying Water Sports. Following each lesson is a quiz that tests one’s comprehension of the information discussed. Achieving a score of 70 percent or higher is mandatory to progress on to the subsequent unit. Upon completion, the individual can access and take the online exam. A minimum score of 80 percent is necessary to obtain an online exam results slip, which is essential for scheduling the in-person exam. Both the quizzes and exam can be retaken as many times as needed.


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