The Importance of a Boating Pre-Departure Checklist

Eric Tetler is the president of the environmentally friendly company Windfield Alloy. In his spare time, Eric Tetler enjoys boating on the waters of New Hampshire lakes.

According to the United States Coast Guard’s Boating Division, one in 11 drowning victims is not wearing a life jacket while participating in recreational boating. In addition, more than half of all boating accidents are caused by inexperience, operator error, or poor judgment. For these reasons, taking safety precautions before boating is necessary to ensure that passengers remain safe and sound.

Before setting off into open waters, going through a pre-departure checklist helps ensure that boaters are prepared for worse-case scenarios. The checklist will walk the boater through essential supplies, such as floatation devices and distress signal gear, that should be onboard prior to launch. In addition, it will guide the individual through fuel and oil checks and remind the boater to listen to weather forecasts for adverse conditions.


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