Soccer Programs at Inti Soccer Academy

Windfield Alloy executive Eric Tetler is a soccer enthusiast. Understanding the impact that team sports can make on a child’s life, Eric Tetler supports the soccer programs at Inti Soccer Academy.

Founded by Max Latona and Rodrigo Marion, Inti Soccer Academy was established in 2009. The nonprofit organization caters to underprivileged, inner-city youth in Manchester, New Hampshire. Since its inception, Inti Soccer Academy has grown to include 10 directors, teachers, and volunteers. In addition, the organization has made vital partnerships with professional soccer coaches, who lead many of the academy’s programs free of charge.

New Hampshire’s youth have access to complimentary soccer programs year-round; two soccer camps are held during the summer and futsal, or indoor soccer, is offered during the winter. Inti Soccer Academy also hosts an after-school program. All programs promote sportsmanship, healthy lifestyles, mentoring, and empowerment. Other benefits of joining Inti Soccer Academy include competing in tournaments and going on field trips to watch professional and college soccer games. To learn more about the academy, visit


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